Executive Committee

Board of Directors

  • Nizar Tannir, MD
    Interim President – Medical Section
  • Nadia Kawar, DDS
    Interim President – Dental Section
  • Mohamad Sohoubah, PharmD
    Interim President – Pharmacy Section
  • Dalal Abuzaineh, RN
    Interim President – Nursing Section
  • Farah Dubaybo, AuD
    Interim President – Allied Heath Section
  • Sarah Hawatmeh, MD
    Interim President – GME Section
  • Zaina Khoury, Undergraduate Student Interim President
    – NAAMA NextGen
  • Karim Dirani, Medical Student Interim President
    – NAAMA NextGen
  • A Representative from Each Chapter
  • Executive committee members

Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Hareth Raddawi, MD, Chair
  • Imad Shbeeb, MD, Vice-Chair
  • Nadia Abunijmeh, MD, Treasurer
  • Aziz Shaibani, MD, Member At-large
  • Samir Tuma, MD, Member At-large
  • Adel Al-Humadi MD, Member At-large

Rouba Samman: National office administrator

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