President’s Address

Rouba Ali, MD NAAMA President
Rouba Ali, MD NAAMA President

NAAMA’s outreach and success continues to fulfill its mission – empowering the Arab American healthcare community in leadership, education, and philanthropy. NAAMA’s accomplishments of the past few years include increase in membership, successful conferences, philanthropic endeavors, and NAAMA NextGen.

NAAMA is a book that is continuing to be written. Our success is due to studying our past and remaining true to our values. The lessons we write now define the future of our organization. In this transitional period of NAAMA, I express great pride in our Executive Committee and Board of Directors for creating the next chapters in our book while upholding the bylaw in a non-partisan, united, and efficient manner.

To our active members: vote. NAAMA is a unifying organization which seeks to represent and serve our community. Your vote is your voice. Collectively, NAAMA’s voice becomes louder. Our mission, influence, and vision are received strongly because we speak united.

Rouba Ali Fehmi, M.D
NAAMA National President

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