“DrOnline Specialists App” 

A Comprehensive HIPAA Compliant Virtual Platform  

Abdelkader Hawasli, MD, FACS, FICS 

Dr. Hawasli, is a member of NAAMA since 1989, board certified in general surgery since 1986.  He was among the first to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Michigan in November  1989. Always looking for ways to help patients. He has a busy surgical practice in laparoscopic  foregut, bariatric and endocrine surgery.  

Three years ago, with the increase in technology, along with his belief that quality and  affordable healthcare should be available to everybody, locally and overseas, he started  working with a team to create a solution that would completely digitizes the Healthcare  ecosystem for hospitals, clinics, and specialists groups, giving unparalleled access to patients to  connect with their doctors.  

When Covid-19 hit the world, the idea of telemedicine became obvious. The need for virtual  calls grew rapidly and become a necessity. Unfortunately, there was a void in the available  virtual platforms that can provide several functions in a HIPAA compliant format. DrOnline  Applications became the solution, even in its Beta version which was released in November  2020.  

With its instant setup, DrOnline is a user friendly, virtual HIPAA compliant telehealth ecosystem  utilizes two applications (Specialist and Patient and Website for physicians and Offices). It is the  1st centralized Healthcare Network with 360-degree on demand healthcare solution with local  and International connectivity & a turn key customized Telehealth software.  

Physicians can invite their patients or patients can enjoy a quick download of the application  with instant access to their healthcare provider. They can save their video interaction, invite a  member of their family from anywhere in the world to the chat.  

Note to NAAMA members: 

With future enhancements under development and with the increase demand of physicians providing Second opinions abroad, the “US board certified second opinion” feature will be activated to serve patients and physicians overseas.

With the necessity that all hospitals and clinics start to provide their patients with a virtual option… DrOnline will release its urgent care feature which provides hospitals and clinics the capability & connectivity to service patients within a 10 Mile radius of their facilities exclusively. 

The Application has four different levels of membership. Members of NAAMA are invited to use this platform free of charge in the first three months. After that they can keep the free level or get a 15% discount off the platinum membership or a 10% discount off the gold membership. The application can integrate with any existing EMR in any physician’s or group practice. For more information a video is provided on You tube (please search for “DrOnline Specialists App”). To benefit from the discount, please add in your bio your affiliation with NAAMA. 

In addition, DrOnline will donate yearly 5% of the revenue generated from NAAMA physicians’ subscriptions as a token and support for NAAMA’s mission in being in the front helping those who are in need for medical care. 

Looking forward to a long lasting cooperation between us. 


Abdelkader Hawasli, MD, FACS, FICS 


Cell phone: 1(313)459-7463 

PS. If you are interested in investing in this company please don’t hesitate to contact me.