NAAMA Foundation Dispersed Grants 2021

  1. $16,500 grant to ANERA to support its project Reserve Osmosis System At Amal Hospital In Gaza. The money will pay for a system to provide potable water to the hospital in Gaza.
  2. $15,000 grant to UNICEF to support its Self-Learning Program in Syria. The program will benefit the Syrian kids inside of Syria and in the refugee camps.
  3. $10,000 grant to Taskforce for Better Health initiative by NAAMA. The goal is to form a taskforce of decision-making parties in New York city (governmental, nonprofit, health/education Org…) to plan for preventing future health problems and ways to help the vulnerable communities.
  4. A $10,000 grant to ANERA to support its program Emergency Medical Response in Gaza. The grant will cover the expenses of shipping medical supplies from the US to Gaza.
  5. $10,000 grant to ANERA to support the Installation of a Solar Panel Energy System at the Central Blood Bank Society in Gaza.
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