Join NAAMA in providing much needed medical aid to Al-Quds/Jerusalem and its people in light of the current events occurring at Al Aqsa Mosque, and the further escalations that have spread to all regions of the West Bank, Gaza, and beyond. There have been hundreds of injuries happening leading to further pressures on hospitals and clinics already strained by the ongoing Covid pandemic. NAAMA has always supported and will continue to support Palestine and the Palestinian people in their just cause for their rights to their national homeland, rightful properties, and unrestricted access to their holy sites. 

We implore you to donate and contribute any amount of money; whether it is a few dollars or thousands of dollars, to be used for the purchase of much needed medications and medical supplies. The fund raised will go to Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem مستشفى المقاصد في القدس We pray for the health and safety of everyone during these difficult and dangerous times. 

NAAMA Executive Committee

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